Unique Ecosystem

The Cariboo Chilcotin Region is located in the heart of beautiful British Columbia. The largest region in the Fraser Basin, it occupies almost 80,000 sq km of spectacular countryside. It has been recognized as the final frontier, holding some of the last real wilderness areas in BC. This area remains relatively unexplored and undeveloped..

An outdoor enthusiast’s adventure haven, the Cariboo Chilcotin speckled with micro climatic zones that are home to unique plants and wildlife. The region’s vast open spaces and wild, picturesque landscapes were formed by early glaciers and volcanic activity. This is a world of few roads, little industry and not many people – and an impressive amount of wildlife.

The Fraser River

The Fraser River is one of the world’s great rivers and has been named one of Canada’s Heritage Rivers. It starts as a trickle high up on Mount Robson at the continental divide; it carves through mountain ranges, canyons, grasslands and rainforests on its 1368km (820 mile) journey to the Pacific Ocean, emptying into the Gulf of Georgia. It is a very important watershed sustaining many communities, wilderness and wildlife.

During spring freshet, the Fraser River flows an awe inspiring 15,000 cm per second (half a million cubic feet per second) carrying as much as 15 times the amount of the Colorado River and more water than the Mississippi River. The Fraser River offers unique geography, natural history and many historical heritage and cultural sites along it riverbanks.

Cariboo Chilcotin Jetboat Adventures operates on the section of the Fraser River between Quesnel and Lillooet. This area is home to very diverse ecosystems with a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is home to the largest California Big Horn Sheep population in the world. It also has one of the largest wild salmon runs, which draws hundreds of bald and golden eagles, hawk, falcons, black and grizzly bears. Moose, coyotes, blue heron, river otters, beavers, fishers and other creatures have also been seen. There are over a 100 varieties of smaller songbirds and waterfowl, many of them seen while on the river.

Desert of the North

The geography of the Fraser River in this section is considered to be the most northern desert in BC. The southern slopes are an arid desert climate scattered with unusual hoodoo formations with plants species such as prickly pear cactus, sagebrush and wild grass varieties. The northern slopes are much more moist, with rich forests of Douglas Fir, Spruce and Pine trees, some covered with a soft mossy undergrowth. Within these forests are many creeks and valleys and an abundance of flowers, berries Aspen and Cotton Wood trees.

The Cariboo Chilcotin has a dry climate and experiences hot dry summers with little worry of rain and bugs! Its vast rolling hills, forests dominated by Douglas Fir and Lodge Pole Pine and its delicate grasslands have much to offer. The grasslands are a part of the most Northern desert that extends from Mexico and up through the USA.